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Graduates harassed by fake Wonga-style education loan payment letters

Sonntag, November 29th, 2020

Graduates harassed by fake Wonga-style education loan payment letters

Lots and lots of grads threatened by fictional loan companies

The figuratively speaking Company is accused of utilizing fake debt-collectors letters to harass several thousand graduates that are behind on the repayments.

The other day, pay day loan business Wonga ended up being rocked with a false letters scandal. And today, the SLC that is official have been accused of utilizing Wonga-style strategies to intimidate pupils, states The constant Mail.

The SLC even allegedly created a fictional company, referred to as Smith Lawson and Company healing Services included in the hoax – and has now delivered several thousand threatening letters to graduates within the last nine years demanding payment.

The caution letters delivered by “Smith Lawson and Company” are made to intimidate graduates, and tend to be emblazoned by having a red advertising which checks out: “DO NOT DISREGARD THIS LETTER.”

The bogus letters supply the impression they are from a split debt-collection agency to figuratively speaking business, and read: “We are instructed by our customer, associated with the amount outstanding shown above”.

They also consist of a fictional address that is postal current email address and cell phone number.

“Smith Lawson and Company” go on to then need re re re payment within a week and can include a risk of appropriate action.

The letters through the debt that is non-existent solution make use of the exact exact same threatening language that personal debt collectors and lawyers used to chase overdue re re payments.

The SLC have actually struck straight right back during the accusations, saying the Smith Lawson pseudonym was introduced being an exercise” that is“cost-saving as main-stream commercial collection agency agencies need re re payment of payment. (mehr …)