Cool water supply – Kenmore Coldspot 106 consumer handbook

Cool water supply – Kenmore Coldspot 106 consumer handbook

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Read all instructions very carefully before starting. ESSENTIAL;

If running the refrigerator before setting up the water connection, turn ice manufacturer into the OFF position to stop operation without water.

All installments needs to be according to neighborhood plumbing work

Utilize copper tubing and check for leaks.

Install copper tubing only in places where temperatures will stay above freezing.

If usually takes as much as a day for the ice manufacturer to begin with creating ice.

Tools needed;

in. open-end wrenches or two adjustable

Hand drill or drill that is electricprecisely grounded)

Your ice box dealer features a kit available having a

in. (6.35 mm) saddle-type shut-off valve, a union, and copper

tubing. Before buying, make sure a saddle-type valve

complies together with your neighborhood plumbing work codes. Don’t use a piercingВ­

in. (4.76 mm) seat valve which decreases water movement

and clogs more easily.

Cool water supply

The ice manufacturer water valve contains a movement washer which can be utilized

as being a water stress regulator. The ice manufacturer has to be linked to a chilled water line with water pressure between 30 and 120 psi. In case a nagging issue happens, phone your energy business.

Linking to water line:

1. Disconnect disconnect or refrigerator energy.

Turn OFF main water supply. Switch on nearest tap very long

adequate to clear type of water.

water pipeline nearby the ice box.

Horizontal pipeline is going to work, however the procedure that is following

must certanly be followed: Drill in the side that is top of pipeline, maybe not the base. This will help to keep water from the drill. And also this keeps sediment that is normal gathering into the valve.

To look for the duration of copper tubing you shall need,

measure from connection on reduced rear that is left of to

water pipeline. Add 7 ft. (2.1 m) to permit for going fridge for cleansing. Utilize 14 in. (6.35 mm) O.D. (outside diameter)

copper tubing. Be certain both ends of copper tubing are cut square.

Utilizing a grounded drill, drill a 14 in. gap when you look at the water pipe that is cold

you’ve got selected.

1. Chilled Water Pipe

2. Pipe apex profiles Clamp

3. Copper Tubing

4. Compression Nut

5. Compression Sleeve

6. Shut-Off Valve

7. Packing Nut

Fasten shut-off valve to water that is cold with pipeline clamp. Be

yes socket end is sturdily within the 14 in. drilled gap when you look at the water

pipe and therefore washer is beneath the pipeline clamp. Tighten packing nut. Tighten the pipeline clamp screws very carefully and

evenly so washer makes a watertight seal. Usually do not overtighten or you might crush the copper tubing, particularly when soft (coiled) copper tubing is employed. So Now you are quite ready to link the copper tubing.

Slide compression nut on copper tubing as shown. Insert end of tubing into socket end squarely in terms of it shall go. Screw compression nut onto socket end with adjustable wrench. Usually do not overtighten.

Put the free end associated with the tubing as a container or sink, and

switch on water that is main and flush out tubing until water is obvious. Turn fully off shut-off valve regarding the water pipeline. Coil copper tubing.

Linking to fridge:

1. Attach the copper pipe towards the valve inlet utilizing a compression

nut and sleeve as shown. Fasten the compression nut. Usually do not overtighten. Make use of the pipe clamp in the relative back associated with the

fridge to secure the tubing to your refrigerator as shown. This can assist in preventing harm to the tubing whenever fridge is pressed straight right back up against the wall surface. Go on to step 2.

2. Turn shut-off valve ON. Search for leakages.

connections (including connections during the valve) or pea nuts that

Copper Tubing

3. Compression Nut

4. Valve Inlet

The ice manufacturer comes with a integral water strainer. If

regional water conditions need regular cleansing or a well is

your way to obtain water supply, a 2nd water strainer should

be set up within the

in. (6.35 mm) water line. Get yourself a water

strainer from your appiiance dealer that is nearest. Install at either pipe connection.

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