ChrisK. I am aware other people right here disagree and that is fine. I’m pleased their section that is personal is.

ChrisK. I am aware other people right here disagree and that is fine. I’m pleased their section that is personal is.

Yeah, even Manhunt remains to be and they’re light years better then Craigslist. Your other point is just right. Craigslist never ever offered a shit by what had been published to their web site. Plus, this really isn’t the very first site need straight straight down for intercourse trafficking.

I understand other people right here disagree and that’s fine. I’m pleased their section that is personal is.


@mhoff you simply listed the websites that will turn off once they face litigation when it comes to ditto. You aren’t detailing web web sites which are immune to shutting straight down since no web site can monitor all posters expense efficiently.

Cylest Brooks

I will promise you that intercourse trafficking is genuine and terrible.


The majority of associated with web web sites I listed monitor their content WAY a lot better than Craigslist. Take to publishing a photograph on Grindr that violates their directions and observe how quickly your profile gets suspended or the picture gets eliminated.

No internet site is “immune” while you state however if you see the real text of this bill, truly the only sites that could really face negligence costs in a court of legislation are websites that enable a “promotion or facilitation of prostitution and careless disregard of intercourse trafficking”

Craigslist would are categorized as that umbrella because Craigslist does absolutely nothing to monitor it is content effectively and shows disregard that is reckless. Craigslist has been doing nothing to modernize their internet site through the years. There are not any age needs whenever publishing intercourse advertisements, no body product reviews the pictures, and their site is recklessly employed for intercourse trafficking of females and kids (exactly like Backpage). Craigslist understands this which explains why rather than spending cash in to the adult parts of their web web site, they’re simply throwing into the towel


Still for sale in NZ. Should have just been eliminated in the usa.


My god just what will the republicans do in order to look for gay sex throughout their conventions ?


It’s still alive in Australia, at the least for the time being. Though provided our government’s propensity to imitate perhaps the worst initiatives through the U.S., we wouldn’t depend on it enduring forever.


In the event that Craigslist shutdown is only the beginning, plus the application web web sites follow as well as other web sites, homosexual pubs may reopen while increasing. Gay males will need to socialize in homosexual venues and start cruising by having an alcohol dance and bottle music once more.


If gays do begin to venture out into the real life more due to the decrease of this online hookups, that may indeed function as the silver lining regarding the demise of Craigslist personals.

Bob Scardino

Back to road cruising in my situation then.




You do understand that every Democrat with the exception of 1 voted and only this bill, right?


It will be interesting to see what other platforms will fill the cleaner. Sniffies is put to develop to the m4m area. I’m uncertain concerning the non m4m niches.


Congress didn’t turn off the personals section on CL. It was shut by the company straight down by themselves simply because they didn’t desire to be held accountable for just what continues on there. No censorship here. Simply responsibility that is corporate. Get the rocks off elsewhere. Stop attempting to spin the headlines.


And right here I was thinking we lived in United states. We presume i will be now incorrect about this. It appears with Trump in workplace additionally the GOP Controlled Congress we’ve officially become a dictatorship that is fascist Russian Satellite country !


I really hope Grindr as well as its ilk are next. Quickly guys will need to man up and face that is interact face.


Lol..Agreed. Perhaps then we’dn’t need to see individuals checking out the drama of developing apps to see whom blocked them on other apps. How pathetic. A blessing in disguise we state.


Funny how Craigs List personals will always be up & running in Canada. Unfortunately in the united states our company is losing most of out liberties to complete any such thing. Which means you better get down & vote Trump and all sorts of of the republicans and yes some democrats who want to let you know that which you can & cannot do, away from workplace if the right time rolls around. Because Trump has recently prohibited transgenders within the ongoin solution & you realize Gay Marriage will probably be next & that knows exactly exactly what, since he like’s to over turn every thing. Quickly r that is( rated films is only going to be allowed after 8pm once again, keep in mind whenever that has been a legislation right back during the early 80’s? Individuals we have been sliding straight straight back faster when compared to a roller coaster…


At the time of May 1st the Canadian form of personals took place too!

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