Ny Comic Con’s Speed Dating for Geeks

Ny Comic Con’s Speed Dating for Geeks

Looking for a gf whom really loves horror film paraphernalia and anime? She might be sitting across away from you at ny Comic Con’s speed-dating event. Brian Heater reports.

Brian Heater

a meeting goer appears close to Ork from Warhammer 40,000 throughout the 2010 nyc Comic Con in the Jacob K. Javits Center in new york October 8, 2010. (Timothy A. Clary, AFP / Getty Images)

Trying to find a girlfriend whom really loves horror-movie paraphernalia and anime? She that are sitting across away from you at nyc Comic-Con’s event that is speed-dating. Brian Heater reports.

“You understand Ke$ha, right?” asks the girl with all the synthetic Freddie Krueger glove.

“Sure,” I answer, a bit baffled. Because of the limitless conversational topics presented by the convention that is jam-packed above our heads, i might do not have guessed we’d broach the job associated with “Tik Tok” singer therefore soon.

“There’s a song,” the girl explains, “Take It Off.” She recites the chorus,

There’s a place downtown, where in actuality the freaks all come around. It’s a hole when you look at the wall surface. It’s a dirty free for several.

The parallels between nyc Comic-Con and that track are unmistakeable, she claims. First, the convention is downtown. (really, the Jacob K. Javits Center is maybe not downtown, but we don’t correct her. No body likes a know-it-all.) The freaks component, she states, is inherent—the geeks, the dorks, the nerds (my terms), all decked away in costumes and paraphernalia.

The “hole in the wall surface part that is uncertain. I’ve got a couple of theories, but because of the duration that is fairly limited of date, I have them to myself.

Finally, all of it results in that last line. Nyc Comic-Con, this indicates, is a dirty free for several.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing that is particularly“dirty on in space 1A20. The space is sterile and well-lit, with 40 chairs that are folding organized. As soon as every 3 minutes, the males are instructed to face up, just take one step to their right, and begin anew aided by the next woman that is available.

Emcee and self-styled geek standup Ryan Glitch operates a rather well-oiled device in a meeting space therefore steeped in intimate awkwardness you can cut it with a replica that is light-saber. “They call me personally ‘Giganakin,’” Glitch announces before the session commences, “because I’m overweight, and my costume is Anakin.”

The declaration is not totally accurate. He’s a big guy, certainly—a self-proclaimed stereotypical showgoer (hefty, white, nerdy)—but https://datingranking.net/de/oasis-dating-review/ there’s no Jedi paraphernalia on their big frame. We have been first introduced to him outside, as he separates us into lines of male and female, forbidding pre-show inter-gender conversations, muttering the phrase “sausage-fest” many times, and usually lamenting the dearth of X chromosomes.

“What kind of geek have you been?” a female asks me personally. I hesitate for a brief moment and react, “Comics, i assume.” It’s not as popular a solution when I expected.

It really is a problem, without doubt, provided by both relative lines, and Glitch along with his scantily clad gf start the entire process of flagging down females.

Glitch announces reassuringly towards the type of dudes he tells me later, short for Celebration, a semi-annual Star Wars convention, the fifth of which was held this summer in Orlando that he met his “lovely assistant” at a past event—C5. It had been the time that is first one-man business, Lightning Fast Speed Dating, had taken component this kind of a show, and it also ended up being a rousing success, by many reports.

As soon as we first spot him downstairs in the Javits Center, nevertheless, he’s got exchanged his Jedi robes for sunglasses and a black T-shirt. It’s only after an assistant hands him a black colored fabric coat|leather that is black} and fake synthetic shotgun with a bright orange tip that he’s more than simply a speed-dating host; he’s a cyborg sent through the future to facilitate nerd love, offer water containers in return for Star Gate trivia, and split jokes of debateable flavor in blended business.

Ours could be the 2nd of three such sessions held over the course of brand new York Comic-Con’s 3 days, plus one about speed dating through the meeting appears to have captured the imagination associated with the show’s attendees. The lines are long, and Glitch will eventually turn individuals (mostly guys) away before opening the doorways. He counts from the females and an equal quantity of guys, cutting from the line prior to me personally.

“Can we communicate with you for an additional?” We ask.

“Am I in some trouble?” the Terminator reacts.

We make sure he understands that I’m utilizing the press. That I’m here to report in the event, undercover.

“Are you single?” he responds. We nod.

“Are you here simply to report, or are you currently looking for somebody?”

“Well,” I answer, “you can’t say for sure.”

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